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Superpowers Activate: The Journey to Power (Meet the Character Named Simi)

In preparation for the children's book release, Superpowers Activate: The Journey to Power, I thought it would be cool to give you the backstory on each of the characters.

Introducing, Simi!

Simi’s name means many things in different languages. In the Native American Chumash Tribe, taken from ‘shimiji’ it translates to mean “Little White Clouds that Dance on the Wind,” “love” in Nigerian, and in Hebrew, “God has heard your prayer and granted a child” (from the names such as Simona, Simon, and the Tribe of Simeon).

As diverse as her name, so, too, are her interests. Although shy, she loves to take care of the little animals and uses poetry to encourage her friends.

Meet, Simi!

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