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'Joy' is the New Revolution!

Updated: Jan 27, 2021


Today's focus is on "Joy." Not the kind that the world gives, but the kind that we choose to have despite what the day brings. 'Joy' is, indeed, the New Revolution. Maintaining 'joy' is power over the enemy! So, it is with that, I bodaciously proclaim Power to the People! Power to God's People! Let joy prevail throughout the galaxy!

What, pray tell, is a revolution, and how can joy cause it? A 'revolution' can be described as an "overthrow of a government," a "sudden change," or "turning around to the beginning point," I propose that the beginning or original point for us is the 'Eden' point (Genesis 3:23). That is, before we were tricked out of our rightful place in paradise. Don't let the bamboozling, befuddling, and trickery happen again. Forcibly overthrow the current status quo, call down the intergalactic heavens of joy; that it may prevail! Light always overcomes darkness. Joy is the quintessential revolution that brings order to chaos.

Carry on, today, with your cape in mind and your joy in hand (John 15:11). Guard it with your life!

That is all.

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1 Comment

Joy! I love having a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. It’s free! Thank you for this blog. It’s a new day.

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